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Kabil was a very lively man with many children. The children were young, they had a lot of work and a kind of living. He went to the store and brought a cart with him for a loan. The shopkeeper didn't care what he said because he believed it. It was a long time before the eldest child became a girl and joined her father. Urtancha's daughter, Gulnor, is a young girl, still in school. When it comes to livelihood, the father takes care of the mother and takes care of the household chores until the father comes home from work. Her father used to caress her and called her "Kyavandoz kizim". Gulnor was a master at riding a horse-drawn cart, driving cattle, carrying water, feeding cattle, etc. He used to take care of his father's horse, which he used to run on goats. His father said that if I borrow it from him, he will send you to Moscow State University. The children had a big party until they said hash-pash. He handed over his older daughter. Suitors started coming to Gulnor. Gulnor could not come to Tashkent with his two friends. After returning home, grandmother said to her father:
- Kobiljon, don't let Gulnor go away from these suitors
What does a girl wear in the city? Please pass it on. What did the girl laugh and what didn't she laugh?
- Okay, mom, I couldn't sleep
- Thus, Gulnor is a young man who has never met in his life. Passed to Ghulam. They were standing far away towards Kuda. Gulnor used to come to his mother's place every six to seven months. His sister-in-law, Ozoda, who had been beaten, would not give him a day. A deer from Kil would start a fight and hit Gulom. At home, no one would say it. Gulnor was going to tell his mother when he came, but he couldn't tell. Divorcing Kami was considered a dishonor in the village. He told my father to keep his face on the ground. Gulnor's house was considered rich, but he could not live in such a rich house.
Sahar would sweep the big yard, milk the cow, tie up the cattle, make tea, and then his father-in-law would stand for prayer. After heating water for ablution for his father-in-law in Keragaz, he would wake up his sister-in-law by preparing water to wash his face. After the kuvini was cooked, a tractor would come to take people to the field. Gulnor would drink his tea and take a hoe and a plow to the field.
In the evening, he would return by loading the wood he cut on the tractor. The pregnant woman would dive back into work before she was pregnant.
The little animal would not eat the evening meal if he found it.
His head was full of alcohol, and he hummed his sister-in-law while walking.
His mother-in-law used to say that you can't work if you touch your ashes. Finally, a suitor came to Ozoda, and Ozoda gave his consent without even asking who he was. On her wedding day, Fatih put a ring on her mother-in-law Azoda. After Fatiha won, she burned the ring in Ozo before going to her relatives' clan houses. The house turned into a nightmare. The guests who came were embarrassed and didn't know what to wear
He did not even know how he lost the ring. Ozoda tied Gulnor to his hair.
- He said that he would find a dog from you
Gulnor could not escape from Ozoda's clutches because he was a newly released weakling.
- Sister, I will buy you a ring.
- You will find no one else in this house. Ghulam came and separated his wife. The guests cursed Ozoda and dispersed. Gulnor reached the threshold and fell down.
Gulam took Gulnor to the house and entered.
- Brother Gulom, I couldn't be more patient
Am I Ugri? Have you noticed that I endured so many insults, if it doesn't stop now, you will recognize who I am, my dear sister. I can't stand any of you. Or I will leave completely.
- Please click Oz. I'm going to leave, I'm waiting for someone to pick me up. In the courtyard, Ozoda could be heard shouting. Kushni and her aunt could not find the ring.
- House, you must have been burned somewhere, I will not touch the ground without touching everyone. Ask for forgiveness from Gulnor.
- He's going to kayak if someone doesn't take him, aunt.
- You shouldn't have caught anyone like that.
- Yuk Ozoda put the ashes in his vest pocket. The ring went through the hole of the pocket and swallowed the waistcoat. Seeing this, her aunt gave Ozoda a good slap.
- Come in and apologize.
- Shall I apologize to the bride?
- Hurry up, you will also be a bride. The aunt came in and consoled Gulnor and said that the ring had been found. Gulnor did not say anything. The wedding is scheduled for late autumn. Gulnor slowly entered the hospital. He left his child with his mother-in-law and started working. One of those days, when the mother-in-law came from the field, the sick child would go to the house and sleep in Ozo, where she was crying. After comforting her child, she gave her medicine to her mother-in-law and made tea for her. Ovkat tried to come. Ozoda left the house.
- Brother, when you are looking for a good wife, call it. Khaliyam's food is not ready. Gulnor straightened his caddy.
- Sister, let us enter the room, I will prepare something for you. Ozoda entered the house without leaving Gulnor. Gulnor chained the door. He grabbed Ozoda and hit him in the back. Gulnor, who did not realize where the power came from, immediately weakened Ozoda and burned him.
Ghulam entered through the window and burned them apart.
- Starting today, I will regret that you were born before I get dressed and ready to eat before I come home from work.
Get up, wash your face and tell Ayim, you won't eat again
It went out fine.
- Why don't you come in the morning to finish this job: Her husband laughed.
- You are strong enough to beat a woman, and you don't ask me if I am guilty or not. How long do I have to endure?
Enough now, you will come from the sky like buying ashes. If necessary, I will not go to work. If necessary, you can take care of your wife.
- Hup Gulnor hup.
After finishing Gulnor's educational class a couple of times until she was satisfied, Ozoda became a gentle working girl and put on a wedding dress. On the wedding day, Gulnor was sleeping with the girls in Ozo.
- Sister, put this on, it's for you. Gulnor gave a bracelet to her ashes.
- Your brother and I saved money and bought it for you. Be happy wherever you go
He stood up and hugged his bride.
- I'm sorry for hurting you. I'm going to leave, I'm ashamed of how they treat me.
What should I do now that I have not one but two siblings?
- Have a good intention, don't shy away from pleasure, be gentle. Good luck sister. Years have passed since then. Gulnor became a good mother-in-law. With the intervention of Gulnor, he survived. The mother of six children.
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